SocialLadder Featured on Philadelphia Business Journal

SocialLadder’s recent partnership with Eventbrite continues to garner attention from writers in tech, business, and social media fields alike. This excerpt from last week’s article, written by Philly Business Journal’s tech reporter Michelle Caffrey, is a great example:

A Philadelphia startup is expecting a boost in business and new funding after landing a key partnership with EventBrite, the leading do-it-yourself ticketing platform in the U.S.

SocialLadder, which connects a network of more than 150,000 social media influencers to brands seeking promotion, announced Wednesday morning that its technology will be built into EventBrite’s platform.

The integration means that when organizers go to EventBrite to create an event, they can click a button alongside options for Facebook or MailChimp promotion that automatically connects their event with SocialLadder’s ambassador program. Organizers can then promote the event through SocialLadder’s established network of social media influences and brand ambassadors. Those ambassadors, which can be curated into teams, earn rewards such as backstage passes for their efforts.

“We expect thousands and thousands of new people to come onto the platform,” said Raavi Iqbal, CEO and co-founder of SocialLadder.

The startup, made up of a team of six based out of the Project Liberty Incubator at the Philadelphia Media Network headquarters in Center City, started off with a broader focus on connecting ambassadors with brands that incentivize engagement with rewards. SocialLadder gained attention in 2014 for helping director Kevin Smith and actor Johnny Depp promote upcoming films.

Iqbal and co-founder Alana Bly said they’re now focused on the live event space after their first experience working with a music festival worked out “incredibly well,” said Bly. That one festival created a domino effect, she said, and they’ve now worked with more than 300 events in countries around the world including the U.K., Belgium and Croatia.

SocialLadder Featured on PhillyVoice

The excitement around SocialLadder’s Eventbrite integration announcement continues to build, with Jenny Dehuff of the Philly Voice heralding the partnership as one of the many recent achievements for women in tech. Check out the story on their site, or read the text here:

Eventbrite, one of world’s largest event technology and ticketing platforms, recently announced its partnership with SocialLadder, the company that allows for the swapping and selling of tickets peer-to-peer. Last week, SocialLadder made its technology available as an extension to Eventbrite, along with the company’s online ticketing technology and brand ambassador management system.

“SocialLadder and Eventbrite share a lot of the same philosophies about technology, fan engagement and event organization, so partnering with a company of this size and at this level is exciting for us,” said Alana Bly, co-founder of SocialLadder, which is based in Philadelphia.

“A partnership with a company like Eventbrite is exciting for a startup. The impact that it will have on our growth and overall success will help us create more opportunities for tech in Philadelphia.”

The new partnership allows event organizers to activate peer-to-peer marketing with one click, giving them direct access to SocialLadder’s network and enabling them to secure tickets of all kinds where they hear about them most – from their friends.

According to Bly, it essentially streamlines a traditionally complicated process, making for a win-win for Eventbrite and SocialLadder.