SocialLadder Teams Up With Niyama Sol!

SocialLadder is thrilled to announce that it has teamed up with Niyama Sol, the makers of your favorite luxury activewear! 

Niyama Sol’s products range from dresses to joggers and yoga mats to swimwear. Their focus, however, is their fashionable and functional leggings. With their unique designs, there’s a style to fit every personality and occasion! Additionally, unlike typical activewear, these leggings are made with recycled plastic water bottles. Niyama Sol’s biggest fans and newcomers alike can now get monthly shipments of hand-curated Niyama Sol pieces with the Sol Box! With celebrity endorsements from the likes of J-Lo and A-Rod, it’s never been a better time to get involved with Niyama Sol.

Being an ambassador for Niyama Sol and becoming a SolSister is all about community. – connecting and engaging with the Niyama Sol community via social media, writing reviews for their products, and posting pictures or videos of you loving your Niyama Sol clothes! In return, there are awesome rewards to earn, including a free SolBox subscription, special social media shoutouts, and store credit!

Interested in joining? Click here! 

SocialLadder Blog - Meet SocialLadder Team!


Meet Maddy – the next member of SocialLadder to be featured on our new “Meet the Team” series! We got the chance to sit down with her, ask her some questions about work & life, and find out what makes her tick!

IMG_4425 (1)


“I think what I like the most about working at SocialLadder is that this company is the best at what they do. It’s pretty amazing to work at a place that is literally at the top of their field.”



“My typical work day looks like trying to get us new business, so I am looking at new events that we think would be a good fit for us and reaching out to them and trying to get them excited about our platform!”



“I practice mounted archery! It’s where you shoot with a classic bow and arrow, shooting at targets from horseback – it’s really hard because you’re going really fast. I’m decent but it took me a long time; it’s a really hard discipline and it took me a lot of practice, but it’s also so much fun and it makes you feel like you’re in a prehistoric war.”



“I really want to go to Indonesia, because my friend gave me this picture book and the pictures of Indonesia are the best.”



“I love hawaiian pizza!”

IMG_0299 (1)


“Food that makes me fat. Also, I’m low key obsessed with The Vampire Diaries. It’s really bad, I’m so guilty about that one.”



“Oh my god, where to begin? Most impressive performance would be Mumford and Sons, which sounds really basic, but it’s like the most moving thing. It’s crazy! Also this is relevant to [SocialLadder]! – my cousin and I were front row for Young the Giant at Firefly in 2014. That was pretty special, and I’m just glad we weren’t crushed to death! There were thousands of people.”



“This is super random and not even mildly useful but I’m really good at foosball. We have a table at home and I used to make my dad play with me everyday when I was a kid.”



“When I was in 5th grade, I got picked first to go on a field trip and choose where we went. Also, my college club field hockey team won the state championship!”

6 Tips for a Successful Brand Ambassador Campaign

Congratulations! You’ve got brand ambassadors. Now what? It is important to create a unique experience for your ambassadors. Here are six tips for running a successful brand ambassador campaign.


  1. Set goals for your brand ambassadors – this will help focus the ambassadors on what you want them to achieve. Are you trying to increase social media reach? Increase sales? Recruit new consumers? That’s up to you to figure out, but is an essential starting point that will dictate the entire campaign.
  2. Market your brand ambassador program – this is necessary to build your ambassador community. Post on active social media platforms and send emails to fans to alert your followers of the opportunity to join the team. This is free advertising, so it can’t hurt!
  3. Help your ambassadors feel involved in the community – the more an ambassador feels involved in the brand, the harder they will work to sell tickets. Offering ambassadors exclusive items such as limited edition merchandise, ambassador exclusive raffles, or an alternative festival entry point will get them excited to sell tickets!
  4. Post early and often – if you are working with a company like SocialLadder, who incentivises ambassadors to promote live events on social media, providing plenty of interesting material for ambassadors to repost, like, and comment on is a crucial aspect of a successful brand ambassador campaign. It works synergistically with the recommendation of the ambassador in terms of delivering enticing content to the consumer.
  5. Interact with your ambassadors on social media – search for hashtags, like comments on FB posts, and retweet your ambassadors! Having an official music festival account like your post is pretty flattering. A little recognition can go a long way! Maybe even try following your top ambassadors on Instagram. Fostering a digital sense of community is part of what makes brand ambassador campaigns such effective marketing tools.
  6. Offer creative rewards – there’s no better way to motivate ticket sales than to offer some awesome rewards! Of course, free GA tickets and VIP upgrades are important, but get creative as well by offering weekend getaways or a case of beer delivered to the venue.


In short, the key is to create an exclusive experience for your brand ambassadors. This can be achieved in many ways, and without high costs. The more fun your ambassadors have, the more engaged and effective they will be in promoting the event.


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Andrew Kaufmann is an Intern at SocialLadder. He currently attends Swarthmore College, as a member of the class of 2018, and is also a part of the Swarthmore College Men’s Basketball team. In his free time, he enjoys taking black and white and action shot photos for the college’s athletic department.