Minnesota’s Voyagers Already in Full Swing @ Shaky Beats!

Here at SocialLadder, we’re super stoked about Minnesota’s Voyagers, SocialLadder’s first ambassador program to be a full-fledged & artist-oriented fan club! Fans of the Wakaan/Vital/Outer Realms-affiliated DJ & producer are already sharing their favorite Minnesota pictures, playlists, and other content with each other and their friends, and helping to build & boost the real, organic community around Minnesota and his music!

The Voyagers program is already chock full of awesome rewards for Minnesota fans to earn, but the team decided to reach out early to the top Voyagers and reward them with tickets to the third annual Shaky Beats Music Festival!

Shaky Beats, known for mixing Atlanta’s penchant for hip-hop with some of the biggest names in EDM, was a smash hit this past weekend – to the point where tickets to the festival were at a premium, and the afterparty was sold out well in advance.

With Minnesota playing the first day of Shaky Beats as well as anchoring the afterparty, this was a must-attend event for any Minnesota superfan. Fortunately, the Voyagers program delivered, hooking up top-performing Voyagers Gregory Paul Briggs & Samantha Woo with tickets to the festival & afterparty!

The Voyagers program is definitely off to a great start, and there couldn’t have been a more perfect event to kick it off. If you’re a Minnesota fan and you want to earn tickets to see him perform this summer in Texas or at festivals like Paradiso and Spring Awakening, then click here to join the program and become a Voyager!

Photo Credit: Alive Coverage, 2018

SocialLadder Teams Up With Niyama Sol!

SocialLadder is thrilled to announce that it has teamed up with Niyama Sol, the makers of your favorite luxury activewear! 

Niyama Sol’s products range from dresses to joggers and yoga mats to swimwear. Their focus, however, is their fashionable and functional leggings. With their unique designs, there’s a style to fit every personality and occasion! Additionally, unlike typical activewear, these leggings are made with recycled plastic water bottles. Niyama Sol’s biggest fans and newcomers alike can now get monthly shipments of hand-curated Niyama Sol pieces with the Sol Box! With celebrity endorsements from the likes of J-Lo and A-Rod, it’s never been a better time to get involved with Niyama Sol.

Being an ambassador for Niyama Sol and becoming a SolSister is all about community. – connecting and engaging with the Niyama Sol community via social media, writing reviews for their products, and posting pictures or videos of you loving your Niyama Sol clothes! In return, there are awesome rewards to earn, including a free SolBox subscription, special social media shoutouts, and store credit!

Interested in joining? Click here! 

SocialLadder Blog - Ambassador Spotlight

Ambassador Spotlight: Zack Palmer!

Welcome back to our Ambassador Spotlight series! We’re featuring the top ambassadors of various programs from all around the SocialLadder ambassador network to give our ambassadors a chance to tell everyone about their memories, interests and passions – all of the things that fuel awesome communities and experiences!

New Spotlight Ambassadors are selected each month. Be sure to keep up with the top tier of ambassadors and you could be featured next!


This month’s Spotlight Ambassador is Zack Palmer!

Zack was the top-ranking ambassador for April’s awesome Asteria Arts & Music Festival. We got the chance to catch up with Zack just after the festival ended and heard some of his thoughts on his experience as a top-ranking ambassador!

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Zack Palmer and I’m born and raised in Orlando, Florida. I’ve always loved music, the outdoors, socializing and bringing people together for a good time! Being a part of Asteria allowed me to involve all of these things in one special place, a place for us to escape and connect in ways we all desire, yet sometimes may have difficulties finding time to do so.

What has been your best festival experience?

My best festival experience has changed in just the last week! As a DJ/Producer, one of the things many would look forward to is their first festival performance. With that being said, Asteria Arts & Music Festival 2018 was mine. Not only did I enjoy every second of my time up on stage as a performer, but the reactions and responses to my set had me in tears more times than I can count & still counting after waking up to more content and feedback in regards to everyone’s experience during the festival and how many individuals had the times of their lives.  It makes my heart beat faster and the emotions come rushing through all over again. Asteria 2018 takes the cake!

What is the best part of being an ambassador?

I started promoting events before I really got into performing and the best part of it for me has always been the ability to connect with individuals prior to the event, which allows you to have a decent general idea of some of the friendly faces you will encounter during the event you’re promoting. I love connecting with new friends at these events and this will always be a great way for me to do so! Also as an artist, the ability to promote events and anything you’re a part of will always be beneficial in the sense that when you have the opportunity to take the stage, there’s a good chance you may have answered a question or two about the event to those in the crowd and when they see you’re not only showing up to play your music and take off, it definitely resonates with some and let’s them know you’re just like them, someone there to enjoy the music and have a great time.

What are some tips you have for people starting up and want to sell more tickets?

Interaction, interaction, interaction! Definitely make a point to connect with and reach out to potential guests, and even guests who are already sold on the event! Be available, be happy to share information, don’t leave people hanging when they need something answered or direction on anything in regards to the event you’re involved in. Also, knowing your market and who to promote to within social media groups, friend groups and the local scene in general is always beneficial to an ambassador.

Thanks, Zack! Any closing thoughts?

As mentioned earlier, I am an artist myself and love every aspect of the scene from throwing and promoting events to performing at events and just being in the crowd for some. I live for this and that isn’t going to change! If you’d like to check out my artist page you can visit my Facebook, my Instagram, or my Soundcloud.

SocialLadder Blog - Meet SocialLadder Team!


Meet Maddy – the next member of SocialLadder to be featured on our new “Meet the Team” series! We got the chance to sit down with her, ask her some questions about work & life, and find out what makes her tick!

IMG_4425 (1)


“I think what I like the most about working at SocialLadder is that this company is the best at what they do. It’s pretty amazing to work at a place that is literally at the top of their field.”



“My typical work day looks like trying to get us new business, so I am looking at new events that we think would be a good fit for us and reaching out to them and trying to get them excited about our platform!”



“I practice mounted archery! It’s where you shoot with a classic bow and arrow, shooting at targets from horseback – it’s really hard because you’re going really fast. I’m decent but it took me a long time; it’s a really hard discipline and it took me a lot of practice, but it’s also so much fun and it makes you feel like you’re in a prehistoric war.”



“I really want to go to Indonesia, because my friend gave me this picture book and the pictures of Indonesia are the best.”



“I love hawaiian pizza!”

IMG_0299 (1)


“Food that makes me fat. Also, I’m low key obsessed with The Vampire Diaries. It’s really bad, I’m so guilty about that one.”



“Oh my god, where to begin? Most impressive performance would be Mumford and Sons, which sounds really basic, but it’s like the most moving thing. It’s crazy! Also this is relevant to [SocialLadder]! – my cousin and I were front row for Young the Giant at Firefly in 2014. That was pretty special, and I’m just glad we weren’t crushed to death! There were thousands of people.”



“This is super random and not even mildly useful but I’m really good at foosball. We have a table at home and I used to make my dad play with me everyday when I was a kid.”



“When I was in 5th grade, I got picked first to go on a field trip and choose where we went. Also, my college club field hockey team won the state championship!”

SocialLadder Blog - Ambassador Spotlight



Welcome back to our Ambassador Spotlight series! We’re featuring the top ambassadors of various programs from all around the SocialLadder ambassador network to give our ambassadors a chance to tell everyone about their memories, interests and passions – all of the things that fuel awesome communities and experiences!


New Spotlight Ambassadors are selected each month. Be sure to keep up with the top tier of ambassadors and you could be featured next!

This month’s Spotlight Ambassador is Flo!

We got the chance to talk with Flo and find out a little bit about her and her favorite festival experiences!



It’s hard to choose my best festival experience. I would say it’s the time when my friends and I are together and all experience surreal moments filled with love and magical music. It’s this overwhelming feeling you get in your heart that give us all goosebumps under the skin. There really are no words to describe the feeling. Those are the moments I live for.  This year at Okeechobee music festival, all of my friends and I were together watching Tipper from afar. A couple of us split up and decided to go deep into the crowd. We were lost in the sauce. The few of us who went in got stuck close to the stage and we couldn’t move any further so we started dancing and jumping around. We were having a blast and then we stopped to look around and it was our whole group! We somehow all separated through thousands of people and were magically pushed all back together. We looked around and it was a huge party with everyone we loved. I will never forget that moment.


My favorite part about being an ambassador is being able to share these experiences with people who have never been to a festival before. It’s bringing people who don’t feel they fit into “normal life” into a place where they are loved and accepted. I also learn things about festivals that I didn’t know myself.


Don’t spam. Be yourself and be real. Share your experiences from the heart. Even offer a gift in exchange for someone using your code. And be honest; people respect that.

My favorite part of going to festivals are sharing the above experiences with the people I love and meeting new friends every time. Oh, and the food is always amazing!!!


You can go follow Flo on Instagram at @cosmic__confusion!



This past February has been an exciting one for SocialLadder! We launched ambassador programs for some really awesome events this month. There was a broad spectrum of events, ranging from music festivals to photography competitions.  Check them out below!


PhotOlympic 48-hour Photo Competition

The PhotOlympic 48-hour photo competition, headquartered in New York City, is a competition that challenges photographers to capture 24 themes in 24 photos within the span of 48 hours. This event was started in 2009 as a local event, and has since morphed into a worldwide phenomenon. Want to join the PhotOlympic 48-hour Photo Competition ambassador program? Click here!


Fabolous vs Jada Kiss – Freddy vs Jason

Fabolous vs Jada Kiss – Freddy vs Jason has been a long-awaited live in concert  event. Hosted in Newburgh NY, this concert is a collaboration between two hip-hop icons. Organized by Komrad Promotions, this is going to be a legendary performance you will not want to miss. Want to join the Fabolous vs Jada Kiss – Freddy vs Jason ambassador program? Click here!


Merthyr Rising Festival 2018

Merthyr Rising, located in the United Kingdom, is a 3-day festival that celebrates the working class and the resistance at the location where the red flag was born. This is a festival that is filled with appreciation of music and the arts, as well as Welsh history. Want to join the Merthyr Rising ambassador program? Click here!


First Festival 2018

Celebrating its 4th year, First Festival is filled to the brim with music, desserts and drinks. Located in Sacramento, California, this two-day festival features four outdoor stages and one indoor stage that house a variety of shows,ranging from comedy to DJ dance parties. Want to join the First Festival Ambassador program? Click here!


Metropolis 2018

Metropolis 2018, located in Auburn, California, is a two-day music festival that features amazing artists and music from multiple EDM subgenres. Want to join the Torque Events  ambassador program to earn rewards for future events like Metropolis? Click here!


SocialLadder Blog - Ambassador Spotlight



Welcome back to our Ambassador Spotlight series! We’re featuring the top ambassadors of various programs from all around the SocialLadder ambassador network to give our ambassadors a chance to tell everyone about their memories, interests and passions – all of the things that fuel awesome communities and experiences!

New Spotlight Ambassadors are selected each month. Be sure to keep up with the top tier of ambassadors and you could be featured next!


This month’s Spotlight Ambassador is Chase!





What has been your best festival experience?
My best festival experience is the feeling I get hanging with good people and catching some of my favorite music at the same time.

What’s your favorite part of being an ambassador?
MY favorite part of being an ambassador is that I get to promote something I really enjoy, which turns into getting rewarded with things like tickets and merchandise.

What are some tips you have for people who are just starting up and want to sell more tickets?

Some advice on selling more tickets is to put in the work, whether it be out and about discussing it with people or online through social media. You get out what you put in – so the more effort you give, the more rewarding your results will be.


Favorite part of going to festivals?
MY favorite part of going to festivals is meeting new people and seeing talented artists perform live. It creates memories that will last forever!
You can go follow Chase on Instagram at @chasem561!







Lucky Festival 2018 is currently LIVE on SocialLadder!

Lucky Festival 2018, presented by USC Events, is LIVE right now on SocialLadder!


Started in 2012, Lucky Festival has been Seattle’s biggest St. Patrick’s Day party for over six years running now! The 2018 iteration, located in Tacoma, Washington, is a luck-filled festival that you do not want to miss!  At this year’s Lucky Fest, there are three different shows that you can attend: Green & Gold, Lucky Park, and Bliss Stage! Each stage will be running a different theme!

Over the past 6 years, Lucky Fest has had some awesome artists perform on their stages. Previous Lucky lineups included amazing artists such as:  Seven Lions, Zedd’s Dead, The Chainsmokers, and Cedric Gervais, as well as an awesome selection of other artists.

Want to earn rewards for this festival? By joining SocialLadder as an ambassador and completing challenges, you have the opportunity to earn awesome rewards; including GA and VIP tickets!


Interested in becoming an ambassador for Lucky Festival, or future USC events? Click HERE!


SocialLadder Teams Up With Rhythm N’ Blooms for Their 2018 Festival!


SocialLadder is ecstatic to be partnering up with Rhythm N’ Blooms for their upcoming festival!


Rhythm N’ Blooms, officially started in 2011 by Attack Monkey, is a music festival that showcases top-notch talents from the East Tennessee area. Over the past 7 iterations, Rhythm N’ Blooms has evolved into an enormously popular festival for its region & genre. Currently, Rhythm N’ Blooms is Knoxville’s biggest music festival, and is expecting to bring in over 20,000 attendees during the 2018 festival.

Some of the previous artists who performed at Rhythm N’ Blooms are Young The Giant, Gogol Bordello, MUTEMATH, The Mavericks, The Decemberists, Drive-By Truckers, and Brett Dennen. Of course, this tiny sampling doesn’t even make a dent in the list of amazing artists who have performed at Rhythm N’ Blooms throughout the years.

This year, the festival lineup includes Dr. Dog, Paul Thorn and The Mission Temple Fireworks Revival, The Mowgli’s, The Lonely Biscuits, Lilly Hiatt, The War & Treaty, and many more awesome artists.

Becoming a SocialLadder ambassador for Rhythm N’ Blooms opens up opportunities to earn awesome rewards!  What’s up for grabs? By completing challenges and selling tickets, you can earn a VIP or General Admission ticket!

Want to become a SocialLadder ambassador? Click HERE!


SocialLadder Blog - Meet SocialLadder Team!



Meet Pat! We got the chance to sit down with him, ask him some questions about work & life, and find out what makes him tick!



I enjoy that our job gives us a chance to work with a variety of different people. From people who organize festivals to ambassadors for smaller events, it’s cool to see everyone get excited about a product we’re passionate about creating. Everyone I’ve worked with so far has been so positive, and I feel very fortunate to interact with people who are so enthusiastic on a daily basis.



After hopping the train into the office and getting my daily dose of caffeine, my day starts with reviewing new events that want to use SocialLadder. We see all types of events excited to work with us, from music festivals to marketing seminars. After this, the work I do tends to vary day to day, but is generally focused with helping our users with the app, improving the user experience, and testing new features for the app.



I generally enjoy all types of music (with maybe the exception of country). Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of Emancipator.



The ability to teleport anywhere in an instant. This would save me a lot of time in the morning.



Singing is not my forte lol. Next question please.



The first concert I attended was Slightly Stoopid when I was about 16 and living in the Lehigh Valley. It was at a bit of a hole in the wall venue named Crocodile Rock, which since has gone out of business. This experience sort of opened my eyes to the world of live music, and since then I’ve been to way too many shows to count. I did manage to see them again about 10 years later here in Philadelphia.



I moved to the Philadelphia area just about 4 months ago, so I feel like I still have plenty that I have yet to see! However, I did stop by The Plateau in Fairmount Park over the weekend, and really enjoyed the spectacular view as well as the opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of center city. Another spot I enjoyed was the rooftop of the Philadelphia Public Library. I stopped by for one of the “Parks on Tap” events they had going – it was great to relax with a beer and enjoy the view of Logan Square while the sun set.



If I were to go abroad for one year, I would try out New Zealand. I am very much a beach person, and nowhere in NZ are you more than an hour or two from the coast. I think it would be awesome to have a year to explore here, as a good portion of the islands are still fairly untouched by humanity. Australia would be a close second, but the fact that New Zealand naturally has no snakes makes this seem like a much more fun exploration opportunity.



I stewed on this one for a while, and as strange as it sounds I’m not sure I could pinpoint a “role model” or someone who I aspire to be like. I think people are inherently different for a reason and it’d be a shame to try to be someone else. I guess a simple “no answer” would’ve done here lol.



Reeses, or pretty much anything with peanut butter.


To read the previous “Meet The Team” click HERE