Pro-Tips to Reach VIP Status for Meadows 2017!

Ready to get backstage access at Meadows 2017? Here are a few pro-tips to help you get hooked up with VIP status!

    • Go to the “Sell Meadows Tickets” challenge in the Challenges screen.
    • Scroll down to the text that reads “Here is your personal invite link:”


  • Copy the Google-shortened link. This link works great in places that people you know will see often – like your Instagram bio! Make sure to add it in the “website” field so that it appears as a link!




    1.  Share to your social followings often to let them know to hit you up for tickets!
      Your personal invite code works anywhere you talk to your friends online – simply copy and paste your Google-shortened link into conversations or group chats, or up on your wall for everyone to see!fbpic2



3. Reach out directly to anyone who likes your posts or who you think would be interested!

While your ticket link works for anyone, you’ll have the most success convincing your close friends to come to the festival with you! Reach out to them and let them know you want them to come!

REMEMBER: Never post your links to any official Meadows social media sites, message boards, Craigslist, coupon pages, etc. This is a violation of the SocialLadder rules.

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