Living the #BootsLife with Canada’s Biggest Country Music Fest

Country music fans flock to Ontario’s Boots and Hearts from all over to see what the #BootsLife is all about. This year’s lineup again has some of the hottest country acts, such as Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, Maren Morris and many more performing over 4 nights in August. With their rabid fans clamoring for a way to get involved and spread the word about the festival, organizers evaluated their options and decided SocialLadder would give them the versatility they needed to be a home for their fan ambassadors.

With nearly 1300 ambassadors in the program already, this year’s Boots and Hearts looks set to shine. 

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Use Your ImagineNation to Build an Engaged Community

Atlanta’s Imagine Music Festival is back with SocialLadder for the second year in a row, activating the “ImagineNation” ambassador team across the country. With the promotionally heavy squad that Imagine has built leading into year 6, they needed a platform that can:

  • Easily generate promo codes for over 1500 ambassadors, 
  • Manage street team activities from their backyard all the way across the country, 
  • And amplify their already robust social media presence. 

SocialLadder has been able to deliver on every aspect, with Imagine well on their way to exceeding last year’s totals of 3500 tickets sold and 22 million impressions, with 2x the number of ambassadors (and growing) already in the program.

Ambassador Sierra had this to say about this year’s program. “I have been promoting music events for over 7 years and I enjoy every moment and every opportunity I get to spread the word. I am so passionate about music and grateful for each event that allows our community to gather in celebration of it. Any chance I get to help someone else have a great experience makes it all worth it!”

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Boutique Festival Brands. Is This the Future?

Some of the greatest festivals in the world will never draw 25,000 people per day, book a million-dollar headliner, or curate a lineup full of artists with the biggest Spotify numbers. Boutique festivals present a great opportunity to attend a fantastic festival with the music and vibe you’re looking for, without the massive crowds. 

Northern California’s Northern Nights Music Festival and Colorado’s Arise Festival are just two of the many smaller events that use SocialLadder to boost their ticket sales and engagement. Both events have typically capped out in the thousands, not tens of thousands, but may not be far off after their recent success.

By utilizing the full suite of SocialLadder tools to manage their programs, both events have already seen a staggering ROI. Matt Whitlock of Northern Nights had this to say, “SocialLadder helped us both broaden the reach of Northern Nights Music Festival with attendees, and throw a successful event from start to finish.”

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It’s More than Music for These Experience-Focused Music and Lifestyle Festivals

Central California’s Lightning In A Bottle and Envision Festival in Costa Rica, are all about getting people to come together as a community to have meaningful real-world experiences. 


By offering yoga, workshops, sustainability programs, and art installations alongside world-class music talent, these two festivals provide destinations to revitalize mind, body, and spirit. Building a SocialLadder program for these events are less about selling someone a ticket, ambassadors are true disciples of their movement, showcasing the experience for the world. 

In 2019, each festival was able to exceed the ticket numbers and social engagement they had done in previous years, and introduce a whole new round of fans to their community. They also have built an ambassador community that they can activate year-round to share their values and vision.

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A Rite of Passage in Detroit with Movement

It’s hard to believe we’re just days away from the halfway point of the year. Since we’re at that milestone, we thought it would be an appropriate time to share updates on several of the great brands working with SocialLadder to drive sales and boost fan engagement.



Movement Music Festival in Detroit is a rite of passage for electronic music fans across the globe. Every year on Memorial Day weekend, thousands of people flock to the birthplace of techno for a festival experience unlike any other. This year, organizers used SocialLadder for the first time to engage with their audience and build a comprehensive fan ambassador team. 

Presale ticket sales kicked off with SocialLadder ambassadors prior to their lineup release, making it easy for organizers to amplify their unique lineup campaign, maximize pre-event buzz and jumpstart sales revenue right from the start. 

That momentum continued through the program, with 3x the ticket sales of their 2018 ambassador program, not to mention the added ROI of the 6.3 million impressions generated.

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