Building A Brand Community: Empowering Your Customers To Be Growth Drivers

“Our ability to harness the power of our customers as growth drivers, I think that’s going to be the future of social as it intersects with commerce.” — Alicianne Rand, VP of Growth Marketing, Rent the Runway

What do brands like Rent The Runway, Outdoor Voices, and Benefit Cosmetics all have in common? A dedicated community of “super fan” ambassadors that help bring their brand to life — in the real world and online.

It can be difficult to stand out when your potential customers are constantly bombarded with the same content and being marketed to non-stop. However, your super fans are ready to help you achieve your growth and marketing goals with a more human touch. It’s time to market through your customers, rather than to them.

People tend to talk about their purchases and experiences. Whether it’s on social media or a (virtual) social gathering, your super fans are already telling everyone how much they love your brand. With 92% of consumers trusting recommendations from family and friends, why not steer the conversation from the inside?

An ambassador is usually defined as a person who is hired to represent your brand in a positive light, boosting brand awareness and sales. For some brands, an ambassador may be an influencer, but for others, it can be an everyday customer who truly loves the product. No matter how you define it, ambassadors are here to advocate for your brand, online or offline. Cultivating a community of like-minded people who are eager to share your message with the world will help your brand create an effective, low-cost organic marketing channel that you own entirely. 

Building a community of brand ambassadors is an opportunity to establish a real and trustworthy connection with fans of your brand. Unlike mainstream social media influencers and celebrities, ambassadors are not only focusing on building a brand through their persona but more so to establish genuine relationships with their followers. This, in turn, makes the conversations they have about your brand more authentic and relatable. Earning their audience’s trust is critical for them.

By forming an ambassador community for your brand, you will be able to:

  • Create a scalable & low-cost CAC channel
  • Enhance your content strategy
  • Harness the power of Word of Mouth 
  • Get valuable feedback 
  • Give your passionate customers a home

Word of mouth is the most powerful & least expensive growth channel. Establishing a brand community allows you to market through your customers, rather than to them. By doing so, you will not only be able to create a stronger and more meaningful relationship with your fans but also achieve your growth goals organically. Use your community as a hub for data and content that will allow you to drive brand awareness and sales.

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