Festival Ambassador Programs Drive Results


MYTH: Ambassador programs cannibalize ticket sales.

FACT: SocialLadder ambassadors sell 80%+ NEW tickets for festival partners.

SocialLadder ran a study of two repeat festival partners — Lights All Night, an electronic festival in Dallas, and 515 Alive, a hip-hop festival in Des Moines. Two communities of different fans in different locations with the same results.

Of all tickets sold by SocialLadder ambassadors for these two festivals, an average of 83.5% were NEW ticket sales, purchased by first-time buyers.



515 Alive

A few tips for how your festival can find new attendees:

      1. Build a community of authentic ambassadors

Festivals are always a reunion with friends I consider family. They’ve changed my life and who I am. They’ve taught me the meaning of community!”  –Nikki Breslauer, April Ambassador of the Month

The fan journey is the most important part of the festival experience. When a fan opts into being an ambassador, you want them to feel like they are part of a community that they can relate to and feel special about. Ultimately, they are going to be helping your brand extend its reach to their friends, so make them feel like family. When ambassadors don’t feel like they are promoting alone, their overall experience is reported as being better.

      2. Convert Ticket Buyers

The best ambassadors are people who have already purchased tickets — especially early-bird tickets. These are the folks who are already committed to attending your event, which makes them your biggest fans and thus most likely to help you reach new fans. SocialLadder is able to help festival organizers capitalize on this by automating emails to ticket holders encouraging them to invite their friends, and giving ambassadors the ability to use SMS to send invites.

      3. Align marketing strategy with ambassador team tasks

63% of marketers interviewed in The Pulse Report: 2019 Industry Trends said that word-of-mouth was an effective strategy, and 49% said that social media — especially Facebook and Instagram — is an effective strategy to drive ticket sales. Aligning your marketing calendar with ambassador tasks is a great way to reduce your paid media spend and get ambassadors to help you spread the word — ultimately boosting your content to their personal following.

     4. Use rewards to motivate your ambassadors

What’s more hype than an exclusive afterparty or VIP tickets to your favorite festival? Using fan experiences like artist passes, free tickets and exclusive merchandise are great ways to boost fan engagement and to say “thank you” to ambassadors for their hard work. Make it easy for fans to promote your brand by providing them with sample social media posts, email messages, images, logos, event descriptions, event hashtags, and any other brand assets that will make it as easy as possible for them to spread the word, and in return earn points to unlock priceless experiences.

     5. Track results

In addition to making it easier for marketing directors to track ambassador activities, SocialLadder’s integration with ticketing partners like Eventbrite and Universe allows event organizers to track the overall effectiveness of programs and view data to see which tickets are new sales. Understanding what your fans enjoy and how they engage their friends is an important part of part of the marketer’s journey, and an even more important factor in building a long-lasting relationship with your fans.

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