SocialLadder Teams Up With Rhythm N’ Blooms for Their 2018 Festival!


SocialLadder is ecstatic to be partnering up with Rhythm N’ Blooms for their upcoming festival!


Rhythm N’ Blooms, officially started in 2011 by Attack Monkey, is a music festival that showcases top-notch talents from the East Tennessee area. Over the past 7 iterations, Rhythm N’ Blooms has evolved into an enormously popular festival for its region & genre. Currently, Rhythm N’ Blooms is Knoxville’s biggest music festival, and is expecting to bring in over 20,000 attendees during the 2018 festival.

Some of the previous artists who performed at Rhythm N’ Blooms are Young The Giant, Gogol Bordello, MUTEMATH, The Mavericks, The Decemberists, Drive-By Truckers, and Brett Dennen. Of course, this tiny sampling doesn’t even make a dent in the list of amazing artists who have performed at Rhythm N’ Blooms throughout the years.

This year, the festival lineup includes Dr. Dog, Paul Thorn and The Mission Temple Fireworks Revival, The Mowgli’s, The Lonely Biscuits, Lilly Hiatt, The War & Treaty, and many more awesome artists.

Becoming a SocialLadder ambassador for Rhythm N’ Blooms opens up opportunities to earn awesome rewards!  What’s up for grabs? By completing challenges and selling tickets, you can earn a VIP or General Admission ticket!

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SocialLadder Blog - Meet SocialLadder Team!



Meet Pat! We got the chance to sit down with him, ask him some questions about work & life, and find out what makes him tick!



I enjoy that our job gives us a chance to work with a variety of different people. From people who organize festivals to ambassadors for smaller events, it’s cool to see everyone get excited about a product we’re passionate about creating. Everyone I’ve worked with so far has been so positive, and I feel very fortunate to interact with people who are so enthusiastic on a daily basis.



After hopping the train into the office and getting my daily dose of caffeine, my day starts with reviewing new events that want to use SocialLadder. We see all types of events excited to work with us, from music festivals to marketing seminars. After this, the work I do tends to vary day to day, but is generally focused with helping our users with the app, improving the user experience, and testing new features for the app.



I generally enjoy all types of music (with maybe the exception of country). Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of Emancipator.



The ability to teleport anywhere in an instant. This would save me a lot of time in the morning.



Singing is not my forte lol. Next question please.



The first concert I attended was Slightly Stoopid when I was about 16 and living in the Lehigh Valley. It was at a bit of a hole in the wall venue named Crocodile Rock, which since has gone out of business. This experience sort of opened my eyes to the world of live music, and since then I’ve been to way too many shows to count. I did manage to see them again about 10 years later here in Philadelphia.



I moved to the Philadelphia area just about 4 months ago, so I feel like I still have plenty that I have yet to see! However, I did stop by The Plateau in Fairmount Park over the weekend, and really enjoyed the spectacular view as well as the opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of center city. Another spot I enjoyed was the rooftop of the Philadelphia Public Library. I stopped by for one of the “Parks on Tap” events they had going – it was great to relax with a beer and enjoy the view of Logan Square while the sun set.



If I were to go abroad for one year, I would try out New Zealand. I am very much a beach person, and nowhere in NZ are you more than an hour or two from the coast. I think it would be awesome to have a year to explore here, as a good portion of the islands are still fairly untouched by humanity. Australia would be a close second, but the fact that New Zealand naturally has no snakes makes this seem like a much more fun exploration opportunity.



I stewed on this one for a while, and as strange as it sounds I’m not sure I could pinpoint a “role model” or someone who I aspire to be like. I think people are inherently different for a reason and it’d be a shame to try to be someone else. I guess a simple “no answer” would’ve done here lol.



Reeses, or pretty much anything with peanut butter.


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SocialLadder Blog - Ambassador Spotlight

SocialLadder Ambassador Spotlight: Marissa Stevens


Welcome back to our Ambassador Spotlight series! We’re featuring the top ambassadors of various programs from all around the SocialLadder ambassador network to give our ambassadors a chance to tell everyone about their memories, interests and passions – all of the things that fuel awesome communities and experiences!


New Spotlight Ambassadors are selected each month. Be sure to keep up with the top tier of ambassadors and you could be featured next!

This month’s Spotlight Ambassador is Marissa!




We got the chance to talk with Marissa and find out a little bit about her and her favorite festival experiences!


What has been your best festival experience?

My best festival experience would have to be Tomorrowworld USA 2015. My crew and I decided to go last minute, which always leads to uncertainty. I packed up all my luggage and camping gear, checked 3 bags, and hopped on a plane to Georgia. It was my first and only Tomorrowworld experience.

It amazed me how all of the extravagant stages came from Tomorrowland Belgium the year before. Every detail of TW from the theme, to the stages, to the decorations, to the development of Dreamville gave it a feel where you didn’t feel like you were on earth but a magical land living in a dream for 4 days. It was full of the best vibes I have ever experienced. It was also extremely spread out on beautiful grounds, so you rarely bumped into people and had plenty of room to dance. Despite all the rain and mud 2015 endured, I wouldn’t trade it or have wanted it any other way.

What’s your favorite part of being an ambassador?

One of my favorite parts of being an ambassador is all the friendships I have made over the years from the people I have sold tickets to and people I have been ambassadors with. Being an ambassador for EDM events and festivals for the past 3 years has truly changed my life in so many ways. I never thought I would ever be selling the amount of tickets I am today for big music festivals.

There was a time about 5 years ago I couldn’t even make it to a concert because it was hard to find a friend that wanted to go to an EDM show or festival. I live in upstate NY, just under 5 hours away from NYC. There are no nightclubs here. We rarely get shows and it’s usually just smaller names. I will never forget 4 years ago, I was finally going to make it to my first festival ever –  Electric Zoo. Unfortunately, people backed out last minute and I was stuck with a 3-day ticket I had to sell. I wanted to cry inside and thought to myself “how am I ever going to sell this ticket?” After days of stress and anger, I got lucky and was able to sell the ticket. I ended up going to Electric Zoo that year just for one day with a couple of friends I met at a local EDM show. I was sad to not get the full experience but happy I at least got to experience one day of a festival for the first time.

Since that year, I have attended Electric Zoo every year for all 3 days. 2016 was my first year as an ambassador for Mysteryland and Electric Zoo. I sold over 150 tickets for MLUSA and almost 250 tickets for ezoo. In 2017, I still remain in first place in ticket sales. Every festival and every show is a new opportunity to make new friends who share the same love and passion you do from all over the world. In the past 5 years, I have went from not knowing anyone in the EDM world to not being able to walk 10 steps without knowing someone. I never thought I would ever have friends to go on these amazing adventures with. I have met life long friends that will be at my wedding someday.

What are some tips you have for people who are just starting up and want to sell more tickets?

  My advice to fellow ambassadors and new ambassadors one of the most important traits to have to be successful is you have to be social – bottom line. If you’re quiet, shy, and barely associate with people in the edm scene by keeping to yourself and just going to a festival to do your own thing, then being an ambassador is not for you. You probably won’t even sell the bare minimum to earn that free ticket. Be social – it’s all about networking whether you are at a festival, in line at the porta potties or in line for a drink. You have to have that ‘make friends with everyone’ personality.

My favorite part of going to festivals?

The music is definitely what brings us all there and together but everything that goes along with it is what brings you back over and over. My favorite part of going to festivals aside from the amazing mind blowing music that I’m so addicted to is the people and the amazing vibes from every person you cross paths with. I love the creative funny totem signs that can’t stop making you laugh (so you have to take a picture and meet its creator), the crazy costumes, the creativity, everyone expressing themselves how they want, dressing as their favorite character as a child that they still love, or dressing as a sparkly mermaid or thinking you’re a Disney princess still in your mid 20s. Anything goes! No one cares what you do for a living, how much money you make, what you believe in or your sexual orientation. We are all beautiful! You are looking at life through a glass of no judgement the second you walk past those gates.

Thanks to Marissa for her awesome answers, and for painting such a great picture of her passion and experiences as a music fan and an ambassador!

You can go follow Marissa on Instagram and twitter at @315ravegirl!



SocialLadder fortress festival 2018

SocialLadder and Fortress Presents Team Up for the 2018 Fortress Festival!

We’re proud to announce that SocialLadder and Fortress Presents have partnered up to bring you the 2018 Fortress Festival ambassador program!

Fortress Festival is a two-day celebration of music and culture that made its debut in 2017 and is hosted in the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, right in the heart of Fort Worth’s renowned Cultural District. In its inaugural year the festival attracted over 9,000 attendees and featured two stages; one on the Will Rogers Memorial Center grounds and the other on the reflecting pond at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, which added cultural and creative elements to the festival atmosphere.

In their first year, Fortress Festival boasted an incredible & genre-spanning lineup, featuring big names like Run The Jewels, Flying Lotus, Purity Ring, SURVIVE, Wolf Paradise and Slowdive!

This year’s Fortress Festival lineup includes: Father John Misty, Courtney Barnett, De la Soul, RZA ft. Stone Mecca, as well as many other awesome artists!

Already excited? SocialLadder has a number of awesome rewards that Fortress Festival ambassadors can start working towards! For this year’s festival, ambassadors can redeem points for GA tickets, VIP tickets,  artist green room access, and social media shoutouts! So if you want to hook your friends up with discounts on their tickets and get rewarded on the way, join the ambassador program and start earning points today!

Click here to sign up for the Fortress Festival ambassador program!

How To: Sell Out Your Conference!


How do you sell out a conference? Your strategies might differ from those employed by other types of events. In this post, SocialLadder will provide you with some tips and tricks for conference promotion that will have you on your way to selling out your event!

  • Start Early: Everything should start early: planning, organizing, and promoting. If you have your marketing materials in place ahead of time, you can start offering early bird tickets; it gets people thinking and talking about your event, and also gives the event-goers who already know that they would like to attend the chance to get purchasing tickets off of their to-do list.

  • Offer Cheap Ticket Options: Conferences tend to fall on the more expensive side, so promoting discounted or cheap tickets is a good way to call attention to the event and get tickets sold. As mentioned above, early bird tickets are a great way to get interested parties to your event who would otherwise not be able to afford it; you might also offer discounted tickets for a single day of your event, or even just the keynote timeslot. Consider running an ambassador program to give interested attendees a chance to earn free tickets in return for promoting your event and selling tickets!

  • Have A Ticket Giveaway Contest:  Along the same lines as offering cheap tickets, you can use a ticket giveaway contest as an opportunity to promote the conference. Whereas other types of events might run a lottery here, conferences might consider running a fun or challenging competition aligned with the theme of the conference.

  • Don’t Neglect Social Media: Social media is a powerful tool when it comes to promotion, but many conferences do only the bare minimum. It’s not enough these days to simply have a Facebook page and a corresponding event; a good game plan puts your brand on platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn as well, with content going out year-round and ramping up in advance of your event.

  • Use Your Panelists: Your event has a built-in word-of-mouth promotion team, whether you’re using it or not. Your panelists and presenters should be reaching out to their entire network to get their fans,  friends and family to see them speak. Consider using a brand ambassador solution like SocialLadder to catalyze this natural process and organize it into a true sales machine!

  • The Fear Of Missing Out: FOMO is quite real, and moreso in 2018 than ever! Exclusivity and necessity are the name of the game here. Can you offer your attendees the feeling that they’ve got the inside edge from attending your conference? Make sure that your event is well-photographed and recorded; a good “afterglow” being spread around on social media is key to fomenting some FOMO around your next event!


Of course, the backbone of your event will be your presentations, panels, and activities, but solid promotional strategy is the key to growth. Selling out is an ambitious goal – but if you’re just entering the live event arena, you should be shooting for the stars anyway! Good luck!

Click here to read more about the benefits of having an ambassador program!

SocialLadder Has Partnered with Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival!

SocialLadder is excited to announce that we’ve partnered with SoundSlinger to promote this year’s Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival!

The Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival was founded just 2 years ago, in March 2016 and is annually held in the Lake Okeechobee area in Florida. It has established itself as one of the largest music festivals annually held in the US, drawing more than 32,000 people to attend the 3-day event in 2016 and over 36,000 people to the festival last year!

Since the inaugural festival in 2016, the Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival festival has featured a consistently impressive list of artists, including past appearances from Kings of Leon, Kendrick Lamar, Wiz Khalifa, Post Malone, Logic, Flume, ODESZA, Porter Robinson, Mac Miller, GRiZ, RL Grime and Louis The Child! This year, the festival has already announced an exciting list of performers, which includes Travis $cott, Bassnectar, Arcade Fire, Big Gigantic, Foster The People, Zeds Dead, Illenium and more!

Already excited? SocialLadder has a number of awesome rewards that Okeechobee ambassadors can start working towards! For this year’s festival, ambassadors can redeem points for merchandise packages, GA tickets, VIP tickets, camping + parking passes, backstage access and even some meet & greet experiences! So if you want to hook your friends up with discounts on their tickets and get rewarded on the way, join the ambassador program and start earning points today!

SocialLadder December RoundUp

Monthly Festival Round-Up: DECEMBER 2017

We’ve been hard at work this December and there are a bunch of new events that we’re extremely excited to announce!

We’ve launched ambassador programs for a number of events, ranging from concerts to food truck festivals and all the way to comicon-style events. Here’s a brief list of some of the most interesting events SocialLadder has launched ambassador programs for in December:


Road To One City: Oklahoma City

This awesome event is actually the second stop on EDM DFW’s journey to One City Music & Art Festival! During this stop on the voyage, One City is bringing a combination of energies from Jazz, Hip-hop and EDM to the table and are donating the proceeds of the event to the City Rescue Mission food and supply drive. If you want to join the Road To One City: Oklahoma City ambassador program, click here.


Lakes Jam

Lakes Jam is an annual country and rock festival that’s hosted in the beautiful lakes area scenery of Brainerd, Minnesota. Lakes Jam has consistently boasted strong lineups year after year, with some of the best country artists in the country coming to Minnesota each year! They’ve previously hosted big names like Toby Keith, Bret Michaels, Survivor, Styx, Whiskey Myers, Lee Brice, Chris Hawkey, Maggie Rose, Clay Walker and more! If you want to join the Lakes Jam ambassador program, click here.


Space City Food Truck Festival

Formerly known as the Space City Food Truck Party, this is the 3rd consecutive year that this awesome two-day food truck festival has been hosted in Houston, TX! This great food truck festival boasts two stages with live performances that combine the brilliant sounds of R&B and Hip-Hop with the joy of incredible food served from over two dozen trucks! If you want to join the Space City Food Truck Festival ambassador program, click here.



Nerdfest is a small, comicon-type celebration of nerd culture and visual storytelling that is hosted in San Francisco, CA. This awesome event has endless food and drinks, a DJ set, Lightsaber performances and also features a lengthy list of live performances by comedians, speakers, game makers, filmmakers and more! If you want to join the Nerdfest ambassador program, click here.


Vipers Pro Basketball

The Libertyville Vipers are a professional basketball team that plays in the American Basketball Association -the largest and most diversified professional sports league in the US. The league plans to expand to over 100 teams and in order to deliver sports entertainment on a community level On top of all that, proceeds go to a good cause! The Vipers will be donating time and money to local Illinois charities! If you want to join the Vipers Pro Basketball ambassador program, click here.

Congratulations to Firefly!


Congratulations from all of us at SocialLadder to Firefly Music Festival for winning first place in the “Best Community Engagement + Relationship with Fans” category of the XLIVE FESTX AWARDS 2017!


What are the XLIVE FESTX awards? The Everfest-XLIVE FESTX awards were created in 2016 to recognize achievement in festival organization. The XLIVE awards bring together festival innovators and producers, as well as other important people behind the festival scenes. By having categories like “Best Food Festival” and “Best Fan Community,” these awards recognize different festivals and genres across the nation and their hard-earned accomplishments.

Firefly, produced by Red Frog Events and Goldenvoice, is a music festival that people from all over the world travel to attend. For the past two festivals, Firefly fans on SocialLadder were able to share selfies of their festival fashion, answer quizzes about the lineup, and get their friends to buy tickets in exchange for earning rewards like tickets, merchandise, and exclusive experiences at the festival.

SocialLadder is incredibly proud to take part in the Firefly Festival process, and we’re glad to help facilitate the relationship between the festival and its fans that makes Firefly such an awesome experience year in and year out. Congratulations from us to them for all of their hard work and success!

For more on SocialLadder & Firefly, see our previous blog post!

Want to read more about the XLIVE FESTX Awards? Click here!


GroundUP Music Festival 2018: Now on SocialLadder!

As this cold snap batters the eastern seaboard through the end of the holidays, we’re already dreaming of warmer weather and the great events and festivals to come next summer. What better way to start SocialLadder’s 2018 than by teaming up with sunny Miami Beach’s GroundUP Music Festival?

GroundUP is a cutting-edge music festival that saw its first festivities in 2017. Hosted by Snarky Puppy, it features a full host of talented musicians all roughly aligned in the jazzy, funky constellation of Snarky collaborators, friends, and influences.

Same as 2017, 2018’s GroundUP Music Festival is taking place right on North Beach Bandshell in Miami, Florida. With three days of great music and warm weather, as well as an immersive environment for artists and attendees, this is a festival you do not want to miss!


Previous GroundUP artists include Esperanza Spalding, Jacob Collier, and David Crosby.
This year, Snarky Puppy will be featured for all three nights – and GroundUP 2018’s lineup also includes The Wood Brothers,  The Flecktones Trio feat. Béla Fleck, and many more awesome artists!

Want to see every artist on this loaded bill perform? You’re in luck, because GroundUP has no overlapping times. You’ll be able to listen to your fill!

By becoming a SocialLadder ambassador, you will have the opportunity to earn awesome rewards! This includes free tickets, free merch, as well as tons of other cool things to choose from!

Click here to join the SocialLadder ambassador program!

SocialLadder Blog - Ambassador Spotlight

SocialLadder Ambassador Spotlight: Aaron Corbett


Welcome back to our Ambassador Spotlight series! We’re featuring the top ambassadors of various programs from all around the SocialLadder ambassador network to give our ambassadors a chance to tell everyone about their memories, interests and passions – all of the things that fuel awesome communities and experiences!

New Spotlight Ambassadors are selected each month. Be sure to keep up with the top tier of ambassadors and you could be featured next!

This month’s Spotlight Ambassador is Aaron!


SocialLadder Ambassador Spotlight: Aaron Corbett


Aaron is one of the top Ambassadors for Lights All Night 2017, and he recently became the first SocialLadder ambassador to earn 1,000,000 challenge points! We got the chance to catch up with Aaron and hear some of his thoughts on his experience as a top-ranking ambassador.

So, Aaron – tell us about yourself!

“I️ love festivals, obviously! I️ spend a good portion of my time and money on them, mainly because I always seem to have an awesome time when I attend them. The music, the people, the vibes –  they’re just awesome! In my free time, I️ enjoy working on cars!

What has been your best festival experience?

Best festival experience was falling in love with dubstep at Lost Lands this year.


What is the best part of being an ambassador?

“The best part of being an ambassador is getting a chance to be a part of the festival – not just being an attendee, but helping make the festival what it is!”


What are some tips you have for people starting up and want to sell more tickets?

“When talking to people about the festival, just explain why you want to go and why you’re excited about it. that’s the easiest way to promote because people will want to go if they can tell you’re excited about it!”
Aaron is in it for the awesome music, vibes, and people. You can follow Aaron on Instagram over at @aaron_corbett!